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13 years ago


13 years ago

If Rice gets in this year, by all means.

If not, no.

Ron V.
13 years ago

Trammell wasn’t flashy like ozzie, or hit like Cal, He was just fundamentally perfect defensively and had better offensive careers than quite a number of shortstops in the HOF. Trammell had a couple of great seasons, several excellent seasons, and had a few seasons that injuries cost him. The comparisons to the above mentioned star shortstops and playing in a mid market like Detroit, has obviously cost him in the voting. Playing for the Yankees, redsox, or dodgers would help in his deserved enshrinement. At the rate of voting percentage he is receiving, I would hope the Veterans Committee will correct this and also get Lou Whitaker enshrined as well, who had excellent numbers for a second baseman.

Matt Sullivan
13 years ago

It is hard to imagine that not one player on a team that went 35-5 to start the season and locked up a playoff spot earlier than almost any other team in history. I think Whitaker is the more deserving of the two, but Trammel is a much better candidate than he is given credit for.

Cameron Walcott
13 years ago

Yes, please!  One of the most overlooked players of the 1980’s.

13 years ago

alan trammell is one of the top ten shortstops of all-time. he is one of the top five tiogers of all-time. throw his face and bio on a plaque, and hang it in the hall for christ’s sake.