Visualization: the 2013 MLB draft


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  • This draft had the smallest proportion of high schoolers out of any draft in the last five years. Four-year college athletes made up the difference, as junior college draftees stayed roughly the same.
  • Pitchers and infielders were the name of the game this time around, and they took their share of the draft slots entirely from the outfielders. To put a bigger emphasis on this point, from 2008 to 2012, outfielders made up 18.0 percent, 18.8 percent, 17.3 percent, 17.2 percent, and 17.0 percent of the draftees, respectively. This fell all the way to 15.2 percent this year.
  • The number of listed shortstops drafted has slowly increased over the years, and since at least 2008, this year’s draft is the first to feature a double-digit percentage at the position. This could either mean that teams are increasingly focused on amateur shortstops or that amateur infielders are being listed with shortstop as their primary position at an increased rate.

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10 years ago

Why would you lump 2012 with 2008-2011? 2012 was the first year under the new CBA, I think it would be more illustrative to see how teams have changed their drafting styles in the past two years compared to previous years.

Maestro Pascal
10 years ago

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