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If you have no idea what Steve’s talking about here, forget it. You never will. Don’t worry about it. But if you do, then you know exactly what he’s talking about. You’re of a certain age range and you became enraptured with Strat-o-Matic at a certain point. Your life would never be the same.

Dave thinks back on those APBA cards, older brothers, and the metallic ring of shaking dice.

A sleepy Aaron’s diary of the Yankees/Devil Rays opener in Japan.

Ben examines the surprising lineup shuffling that could make Tony Womack more valuable than Kenny Lofton.

Craig tackles five questions for the Blue Jays.

What can Win Shares tell us about player salaries? A lot, as it turns out.

Cleveland, Chicago, Detroit, Kansas City, Minnesota. They’ve been together for 10 years now and Aaron looks at exactly what they’ve done.

The Marlins came out of nowhere to win the Wild Card and then the World Series last season. After the ’97 World Series they got rid of good players like they were going out of style, but this time around the team looks to put up a respectable defense of its title. Matthew looks at some of the key questions facing the Marlins in 2004 and beyond.

Craig has some notes as the season opens and hopes begin to be dashed.

They have a new 1-2 punch in the rotation, a slugging first baseman and an old second baseman who used to be great. Robert examines five key questions for the D-Backs heading into 2004.