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In a matchup of two good pitching staffs, the Red Sox have the better offense.

Jon Lester and a couple big outs on the basepaths helped the Red Sox win their fourth consecutive postseason series against the Angels.

The Red Sox have won nine consecutive postseason games over the Angels, but that’s not why the Red Sox will be making another trip to the ALCS.

After a quiet offseason, the Red Sox made a huge splash at the deadline. Will they be able to defend their World Series title?

Can the Red Sox repeat as World Series champions and win their third title in five seasons?

We said, because Boston was better

Boston’s advantage in the World Series is simple. The AL was a better league than the NL in 2007, and the Red Sox were more talented compared to their league than the Rockies were.

Boston’s ALCS victory came down to the three Ps: pitching, power and patience.

The advantages the Indians had over the Yankees are all gone. It’s not always a big margin, but the Red Sox have better hitting, better pitching and better fielding. The series may end up coming down to … Joe Borowski, which has Ben feeling good about the Red Sox’s chances.

There were two major reasons for Boston’s convincing sweep of the Angels: power and health.