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The Red Sox tied for the best record in baseball and had easily the best run differential, but those aren’t the only reasons Boston is going to beat the Los Angeles Angels in the first round of the playoffs.

Will Boston’s offseason spending spree translate into a playoff spot in 2007?

After surprisingly winning the AL Central and getting to stay home and face the A’s, the Twins were nearly everybody’s favorite to win their opening-round series. As they say, that’s why they play the games.

While everybody was expecting Johan Santana to pitch the Twins right past the A’s, Barry Zito showed that he knows a thing or two about pitching.

Rather than traveling to take on the mighty Yankees, the Twins are happy to be staying at home and playing the A’s in a series that starts today.

Ben takes a look at what this year’s top rookies have done during the first third of the season.

While the St. Louis Cardinals are doing predictably well, Ben takes a look at the two teams that are surprisingly ahead of them in the NL Central standings.

If you have triskaidekaphobia, Thursday was probably a tough day for you to follow baseball. For Ben, it was a sign that he should write something about the Mets, White Sox and Dodgers.

The Red Sox made the playoffs for the third consecutive season last year, the first time in team history they’ve done so. Can they make it four in a row this year?

Ben completes his offseason rankings by looking at the 10 teams who did the best work this winter. Well, sort of anyway.