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Derek Carty looks at the fantasy impact of the trade of Eric Gagne to Boston.

Analyzing some bad advice from a self-anointed expert.

Steve’s pulled that old shoebox full of snapshots down from the top shelf in the guest room closet … time to figure out who those little tykes were!

This week’s Baseball Injury Report asks the important questions.

Derek Carty looks at the fallout of the Twins trade of Luis Castillo to the Mets.

Derek Carty looks at the Atlanta Braves’ acquisition of Octavio Dotel and its fantasy implications.

Derek Carty looks at the Phillies’ acquisition of Kyle Lohse.

Coming to a theater near you soon (again)!

Aaron Gleeman may be gone, but “Gleeman-length” recaps of the annual SABR convention remain a THT tradition.

Derek Carty looks at the value of several players after the trade of Kenny Lofton to the Indians.