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Derek Carty looks at the American League Waiver Wire for the first week of September, featuring Ian Kennedy, Esteban Loaiza, Jack Hannahan, and more.

It should be “pedal to the metal” in the City of Brotherly Love

As rosters prepare to expand for teams around the league tomorrow, Richard uses a player who made his debut on September 1 to help him discover just what various awards are really worth.

General manager Tim Purpura and manager Phil Garner have fallen on their swords for the Astros’ poor season so far. Lisa chronicles how the franchise fell from the 2005 World Series to irrelevance.

Derek Carty talks about his experiences in an inactive league, how to avoid playing in one, and how to win if you do fall into one.

Video analysis of Peavy’s mechanics with a special look at how he attacks hitters.

Batted ball profiles, this time for some the most interesting pitchers in the majors this year.

How Billy Beane is remaking the A’s.

Derek Carty examines Jered Weaver: whether his 2006 was a function of good luck, whether his 2007 has been a function of poor luck, and what to expect in 2008 and beyond.

Brian brings us the latest baseball business and stadium news