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Neyer linked my bit about the feds raiding Greg Anderson’s mother-in-law’s house over in his Friday Filberts today, and he asks a good question: But on the other hand — and I should probably defer to Craig on these things, because he’s got a law degree and I don’t — perhaps a high-profile prosecution of […]

Forget Joe Torre. His tell-all isn’t even the most interesting one to come to light this week: On the greatest day of his life, Matt McCarthy took a call from a Major League baseball scout named Byron, who told him he had been drafted to play baseball for the Angels. “Now, you went to Yale,” […]

A lot of folks linked to John Updike’s “Hub Fan Bids Kid Adieu” essay this week, myself included. Today HuffPo’s David Margolick analyzes it. That’s interesting enough and worth your click, but this passage is the best: Nowadays, when nostalgia is big business and every sports milestone is hyped, such an event would be covered […]

There has been a new piece (or several new pieces) of information leaked about the Bonds prosecution every day this week. We’ve had the raids on the Anderson in-laws, the steroid tests, and now the latest: Bobby Estalella and the Giambi brothers are going to testify. All of this has come from “a person briefed […]

DanUpBaby from Viva El Birdos is in the best shape of his life, has been working on his timing, and is trying something new.

I don’t know about you, but if I was building a new home I wouldn’t put it on a lot next to a garbage incinerator. But even if I did, I wouldn’t then expect the people who ran the garbage incinerator — which was built over 20 years before I got there — to have […]

It seems that the ESPN baseball writers were given a directive to do a column tying in to the Super Bowl this week. Neyer has one up and, as usual, it’s very good. We all came to the man’s work because there was a time when he was the only mainstream writer doing good analysis, […]

That knee-jerk assumption everyone had — including me — that Andruw Jones would sign a minor league deal with the Braves turns out to have been a faulty one: The Braves have had a couple of weeks to discuss Andruw Jones, and in the process, it doesn’t appear that they’ve become any more interested in […]

Baseball has its share of reactionary anti-stathead writers, but we certainly don’t have the market cornered. This from an article in The Times entitled “The 50 worst things about modern football”: 43. Statistics American obsession that is gradually weaving itself into the fabric of our national game. Do you care how many assists Wayne Rooney […]

I hesitate to overshare, but some of you seem to have some genuine concern for me, so I’ll give you the update: no, I am no longer looking for a legal job. This is not because I found a new one yet, but because me and the other gals in the neighborhood decided that it […]