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I know it’s my third post this week about baseball-related road trips, but this one may be the best of them all.

The announcement will come approximately one minute after the time this is posted: Clint Hurdle’s seven-year run as the Rockies’ manager will end today, according to a major-league source. With an off day to discuss the situation, the Rockies are poised to make a change given that their poor start has begun to affect attendance […]

Let’s see, if I really want to force Mrs. Shyster to file for divorce, I order the Extra Innings package, then go on the road trip, and just before I leave I give the DIY Network people the key to my basement door . . . This seemed inevitable: The first officially licensed league “man […]

The”Yay Jason” comment thread was getting worn out anyway . . . Dodgers manager Joe Torre said he doesn’t think suspended outfielder Manny Ramirez should be an All-Star this year, even though fans have him fourth in voting at the position. “No, I don’t, and if you ask Manny, he’d give you the same answer,” […]

Benjamin Edwards at has an enjoyable and seemingly comprehensive article up chronicling the history of baseball movies. The ones that we always talk about — “Bull Durham,” “Major League,” “The Natural,” and “Eight Men Out” are clustered at the bottom. You’re going to want to read this for the vast majority of films discussed […]

History will one day almost certainly show that Bobby Cox was a superior manager to Joe Girardi, but from where Mark Teixeira is sitting, that simply isn’t the case: The good thing about Joe is that he is consistent. He expects a lot out of us but you look at him and you can’t tell […]

Excuse me for a minute, but I have to go get a tissue. A little dust or something got in my eyes, you see. Damn allergies.

Given the dearth of interesting stuff to write about so far today, I can only assume that baseball writers followed most of baseball’s lead and took yesterday off. After I grab some lunch I’ll start digging, however. I’m sure we’ll find some fun stuff to talk about yet today. For now: Francoeur: is he worth […]

You’d think they’d make these in the U.S.A., no? President Obama bobbleheads planned for a give-away at a minor-league baseball game on Saturday apparently have not gotten approval from customs officials. The West Virginia Power Class A baseball team said that 1,000 of the figures, produced overseas, had been held up at a Customs and […]