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How does the way a player’s value is dispersed across categories affect his marketability?

In the latest excerpt from his new book, Chris explains why Charles Comiskey is the most underrated and one of the most influential managers in baseball history.

John Lackey is the prime pitching free agent this year, but how much better than a later pick like Jason Hammel is he for your fantasy team?

And thus endeth the current iteration of ShysterBall. Starting Monday it will be all CTB, all the time. It’ll be everything ShysterBall is and more. I’m hoping you all join me. But this is not goodbye old friends, it is merely farewell, for I will be back on the esteemed pages of THT come April […]

I actually came in to work today because I figured my last day should be a Friday. I’m like the only attorney in the whole office. Even better? They entrusted me with the coffee club money to pay the guy from the catering company who comes by on Fridays. What’s stopping me from running off […]

Happy Thanksgiving! Staying focused on top players from 2009, we’re going spotlight some Yankees, but don’t expect Black Friday sales pricing on these guys in 2010. And we can all be thankful that Graphical Player ’10 is soon to be available!

It’s Brewerfest on the NL Waiver Wire, as we look at Milwaukee’s future in its biggest hitting prospect, its present with a struggling RF, and the past with a former All-Star pitcher.

The latest in the business of baseball.

The past couple of Thanksgivings I did a post in which I ran down the teams, one by one, and noted what they had to be thankful for. I don’t have that kind of snark in me this year. Probably because I’m so damn preoccupied with those things I am thankful for. This time last […]

The small market Twins and Indians are constantly competing against one another, even in the race for farm system supremacy.