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Matthew Mata provides a way to simplify the expression of pitch movement.

Can we identify subtle changes in release point that may not be evident to the naked eye?

There’s reason to believe that so-so pitchers with good curves and sliders don’t use them enough.

For the first time online, here is Jon’s SABR Award-nominated essay from THT 2014.

Called strike and swing-and-miss strike leaders since 1988.

Do umpires call more strikes for home pitchers on pitches just off of the plate?

Here’s something new. Jeffrey Gross from THT Fantasy and I are exchanging “watch this guy” ideas—fantasy picks from one side and PITCHf/x based picks on the other. First up is Jeff’s first breakout candidate for a cheap but valuable pitcher—Kansas City’s Danny Duffy. The PITCHf/x data we’re discussing can be seen on Duffy’s player card […]

The radar gun in Peoria may be running a little warm, but Andrew Cashner was throwing gas. The ex-Cub came in for the Padres in the sixth inning. He threw nothing under 101 mph and broke 103 a few times. Even if you deduct a couple mph for what are probably calibration issues with the […]

Mike Fast wrote a terrific introduction piece to the PITCHf/x system in our Hardball Times Annual 2010. He was recently asked, via Twitter, about good introductions to the system and mentioned the article that, alas, was still stuck in paper form. Well, I’m almost done with the 2012 Annual (look in this space for more […]

A bounty of PITCHf/x from the prospects in Phoenix.