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They’ve just been going about it the wrong way. Here’s a seven-step blueprint for the ’08 offseason and beyond.

This is gonna take a while. A franchise that’s destined to break the record for consecutive losing seasons can’t be turned around in just a few measly paragraphs.

Paul DePodesta isn’t really out of work; he’s an assistant in the Padres’ front office. Nevertheless, a look the results of his short tenure at the helm of the Dodgers shows why he’s currently the most attractive future GM candidate in baseball.

In the follow up to last week’s column, Jacob searches for players toiling in the minors and on major league benches who fit the profile of Jack Cust. Are there other neglected players who could mimic Cust’s impact if they too were given a chance at the big-league level?

Jack Cust is a nice story. But what if he’s more than that? What if Cust represents what happens when an organization (or a few of them) gives up on a player before he reaches his prime physically, puts it all together, and actually gets another chance—this time with the skills and experience to succeed?