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Zack’s team ties the game on the field, but inside Zack is still tied in knots reminiscing about his father.

In Chapter Two, the game on the field begins, as does Zack’s quest to remember positive memories from childhood.

In the book’s first chapter, an impossible choice — mourn a suddenly-deceased father, or pitch in the World Series?

There’s no better time than January to fix some of baseball’s biggest imaginary problems.

This week, a look at the best pitchers who are the sole major leaguers from their hometowns.

A look at the greatest players from small towns.

A look at pitchers who aren’t quite good enough to be the best.

Some of the best players ever aren’t even the best players from their hometowns.

David Ross got one chance to be a big league starter. It’s a shame he never got another.

Your favorite version of WAR might say something very different from mine. Who’s right and how do we handle it?