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Be happy Pirates fans. Be happy.

Adam Wainwright, shockingly, is good. Also, Baltimore and Tampa Bay can pick it.

This week, we look at the chances that something historic really does happen this year.

Our big trio is in good company, and not just with Ned Isaakov.

Chris Davis continues to impress, and you should believe in him because it’s better than being all grouchy and stuff.

Manny Machado takes it to the bank. Also, Cabrera, Davis, and Votto create chaos.

Yes, it’s true. Todd Helton hit a double. Some other stuff happened, too.

Can somebody—anybody—do something other than walk or strike out? I desperately want to know.

Votto and Cabrera hit like they know what they’re doing. Ankiel goes the bull-in-a-china-shop route.

Another triple crown? Something only Williams, Bonds and Ruth have done? Maybe.