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J.C. Bradbury presents end-of-season PrOPS for 2005 and some projections for 2006.

Finding a little extra efficiency in Moneyball.

JC rates the best and worst players of the first-half according to PrOPS.

J.C. reviews Bill Shanks’ new book about the Atlanta Braves.

J.C. analyzes the predictive power of DIPS and digs a little deeper to examine how much control, if any, pitchers have over hits on balls in play.

While there is no such thing as a perfect metric to evaluate how well a player is playing absent luck, J.C. thinks there may be a way to get a better grasp on how well players are performing than just relying on the standard raw statistics.

JC previews the perennial NL East champions.

JC examines the relationship between the size of a team’s market and its ability to win games.