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Some of these old guys can still pitch, and Matthew ranks ’em.

Matthew looks at one of the greatest short-career pitchers of all-time, and a contemporary who might just be overlooked.

Laser eye surgery is becoming more and more common among baseball players, but what does it mean for their on-field performance? Matthew looks at the track record of such surgeries.

The Yankees’ Mike Mussina and Kevin Brown reached the 200-win plateau in back-to-back games. Matthew compares their very different careers, and takes a glimpse at their chances of reaching 300 wins.

Does starting the season 2-0 against the Yankees mean Victor Zambrano is worthy of his own award? No, but winning a bizarre triple crown does.

Before Beane, Ricciardi and DePodesta, there was Bill Veeck and Frank “Trader” Lane.

The Mariners are one of the oldest teams in baseball, but they’re trying to win in spite of their age. Matthew looks at some key questions facing the current team, as well as the Hall of Fame chances of three Seattle veterans.

Philadelphia finished a disappointing third in the NL East last season, but going into 2004, they are arguably the best team in the National League. Matthew has a look.

The Braves’ amazing streak of division titles has to end sometime, right? After an off-season of watching Sheffield, Lopez and Maddux bolt for greener pastures, Atlanta heads into 2004 with the look of an underdog. Matthew examines the key questions surrounding the Braves.

The Marlins came out of nowhere to win the Wild Card and then the World Series last season. After the ’97 World Series they got rid of good players like they were going out of style, but this time around the team looks to put up a respectable defense of its title. Matthew looks at some of the key questions facing the Marlins in 2004 and beyond.