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They had the chance to clinch a postseason series for their team with one swing. None did.

Or are Jim Leyland, Mike Scioscia and Ozzie Guillen Hall of Fame managers?

Could the Pirates have become the pioneers of integration and assembled one of the greatest teams in baseball history? We will never know for sure.

Imagine how great the National League could be if the Mets, Cubs and Dodgers could all be major contenders at the same time!

Was 1985 to 1988 the greatest postseason run we will ever see?

Regular season dominance? Check. Postseason highlight? Check. If they just hit a milestone or two and don’t flame out, they’ll be getting ready for Cooperstown.

There was a time when Tampa Bay looked like a potential baseball oasis. Now they have to give tickets away to see a great team.

We have the technology to call balls and strikes more accurately, speed up the game and make it more fair. So why aren’t we using it?

Since 1988, they can’t seem to keep an identity for more than a few years.

Just because a contract is bloated and crippling to your team’s payroll doesn’t mean it can’t be moved. Just swap your bad contract for someone else’s bad contract.