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The Padres stay alive for one more day, meaning that Vinay is in a good mood for the first time all week. Here he breaks down Game 3, trying really hard to remain objective.

With his first-place Padres plummeting towards .500, Kevin Towers was busy this weekend.

The newspaper writers and talk-radio callers are steaming mad in La-La Land, but Vinay takes a more long-term look at what Paul DePodesta is doing with the Dodgers.

Vinay tackles the obvious follow-up question from Billy Beane’s infamous lament, and the results may surprise you.

Though Vinay is shocked to see this rite of summer arrive already, he defends the fans’ right to vote.

After a five-year stretch that hasn’t seen them finish with a winning record, the Padres move into Petco Park with legitimate hopes of contending.