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So I get to take the kids for their H1N1 vaccinations today. That should be a barrel of laughs. On the bright side, they’re spending the night at my folks’ house, so I’ll only have to hear their complaining about it until I drop them off around dinner time. After that, Mrs. Shyster and I […]

There is some brewing discontent over the NL Cy Young vote, as two members of the webby portion of the BBWAA — our friends Keith Law and Will Carroll — did not include Chris Carpenter on their three-man Cy Young ballots. Keith voted Javier Vazquez second (Lincecum first and Wainwright third) and Will voted Wainwright […]

I don’t have a link yet, but people are talking about it already. He’s a fine choice. Great year. I probably undervalued the fact that he had more innings than Carpenter, so no arguments here. Given that he has a court date on a controlled substance thing coming up soon, be prepared for the most […]

I know it’s basically just been a string of MMIE’s lately, and for that I apologize. Wrapping up one’s legal career and preparing to jump right into a new one really has a way of taking up the afternoon. Still, six new posts a day ain’t exactly chopped liver as far as baseball bloggers go. […]

In the wake of my many threats to grow the greatest Grizzly Adams beard the world has ever seen once I start blogging full time next month, my wife emails me this post written by famed blogger Heather Armstrong and says “you married the wrong woman!” Which, while I see her point, is totally not […]

It’s too much to ask every writer to be as thorough as Christina Kahrl is in explaining her Rookie of the Year vote, but how nice would it be if every voter actually explained the thought process behind their awards choices?

Not a big surprise. Two writers voted King Felix first. One voted for Verlander. First place votes for Sabathia would have bothered me. Overall nothing to complain about here. He’s getting married on Saturday too, so all in all it’s a pretty good week for Zack.

Slow day, so I scan the news. Great (Captain Robert Falcon) Scott! Or was it Shackleton? AL Cy Young today. Greinke should get it, but the writers once gave the damn thing to Jack McDowell for cryin’ out loud, so who knows? For relaxing times, make it Takahashi time. Cancel the candlelight vigil: the ballplayers […]

New house, new duds: Plans for the new uniforms and logos unveiled today include: Primary Home Uniform – The “Twins” script has been slightly altered and updated for 2010 and beyond. Secondary Throwback Uniform – Twins players will wear a circa 1961 throwback uniform on Opening Day as well as every home Saturday during the […]

Over at NBC I figured that Beckham and Happ would win it. I even forgot to mention Andrew Bailey in my first pass at it and had to go back and update. Shows you what my figuring is worth: A’s right-hander Andrew Bailey’s rise from Minor League obscurity to Major League limelight turned historic Monday […]