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If anyone is looking for something to buy me for Christmas: “The Official Major League Baseball World Series Film Collection” (A&E, $229.95), a spectacular DVD set that contains 20 discs featuring extensive footage of 65 World Series from 1943 to 2008. It comes packaged in a thick, elongated hard-cover book that chronicles many memorable World […]

I’ve signed way less important petitions than this one. To: Major League Baseball, MLB Network We the undersigned humbly, and with all due respect, ask the MLB Network to air the June 12, 1970 game between the San Diego Padres and the Pittsburgh Pirates. On that day the Pirates’ pitcher Dock Phillip Ellis threw what […]

So I’m trying to decide if, upon leaving the legal job, I’m going to keep the law license active or let it slip into inactive status. On the one hand, letting it go inactive saves me several hundred dollars and about 15 hours sitting in a classroom taking continuing legal education classes between now and […]

So, like, I was building this prototype teleportation machine, and just as I was about to test it on Derek Jeter, the Unfrozen Caveman version of Johnny Damon accidentally fell into the transport pod. Total mess.

If you were to tell me that a Major League team bumbled its way into an international incident, I would immediately say “The Mets. It was the Mets, right?” I mean, is there any other possible answer?

Water on the moon? “The Lcross Mission” Noah Cross? Water where it should not naturally be? Forget it Jake . . . Brent Mayne has the most sensible insight I’ve heard regarding signs since I saw the live recording of Five Man Acoustical Jam at the Trocadero. No, I wasn’t there to see Tesla. I […]

When you have Wednesday off work, Thursday is Monday. Considering that Monday sucks and that I never really got the hang of Thursdays, I’m just really off my game today. Maybe I’d feel better if opposing counsel in one of my cases were to call me and say he was going to “take a meat […]

I wrote over at NBC this morning that I think Marvin Miller was a no-brainer for the Hall of Fame. Not everyone agrees with that. Not even some pretty damn reasonable people. Here are two perspectives. First Rob Neyer: I mentioned this morning that I’m still an agnostic regarding Whitey Herzog’s Hall of Fame candidacy. […]

Sorry for the late Exile post, but I had the great fortune of taking a cat to be euthanized! Second one this year! On the bright side: the lone remaining cat has been on his absolute best behavior for the past two hours. Anyway: I like Whitey Herzog, Billy Martin and Marvin Miller for the […]

Before we get to the posts, take a look at some amazing pictures of that Utah salt flat NASA tried to sucker us into believing was the moon forty years ago. “If you look beyond the Yankees” there is no competitive balance problem in baseball. And if you leave out the killings, Washington has a […]