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The games within the games — the card games, the simulations, and fantasy — are all highlighted in Episode 8 of Stealing Home.

Books are one of the best ways to immerse yourself in baseball, and in Episode 7, we’ll discuss many of the best baseball books around.

In this episode of Stealing Home, the subjects of art and baseball intersect.

In this episode of Stealing Home we take a peak at the uglier side of baseball, specifically violence.

In episode 4 of Stealing Home, we look at different fields of science, and how they intersect with baseball.

For episode 3, we go international, and look at baseball in different countries of the world.

In this episode, we explore baseball’s long and storied relationship with music.

In the inaugural episode of Stealing Home, we look at a topic near and dear to every baseball fan’s heart, the numbers. We learn them, we memorize them, we obsess over them, we compare them. They are the glue that holds baseball together throughout the years.