Top games of the week: May 15 to May 21

Welcome to the new edition of top games of the week, ranked as described in this article.

This has been an intense week. In fact, as you’ll see below, all the games in the top five get three stars out of five.

 date	                  game	stars	
05-18	     Yankees @ Orioles	***	box score
05-20	     Rockies @ Brewers	***	box score
05-17	       Astros @ Braves	***	box score
05-18	      Rangers @ Royals	***	box score
05-16	        Marlins @ Mets	***	box score

The Yankees @ Orioles contest goes straight to the top for the season as well, ousting the May 4 game featuring the Angels and the Red Sox.
The Rockies @ Brewers match-up, second this week, is third for the year.

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