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The postseason slots came into better focus yesterday as the Cardinals and Dodgers won while the Astros and Phillies lost. And a New York team has lost an ace pitcher for part of the postseason. Sound familiar?

This time, we take a look at pitchers.

It’s better than brussel sprouts, but it still ain’t Buffalo wings and Labatts Blue

Rookie James Loney had 9 RBI’s yesterday for the Dodgers, who continue to pull away from the Phillies. The Cardinals aren’t pulling away from anyone, and the Twins are in first place.

Dave picks the best fielders of the year, just because he likes a good argument.

J.P. revisits the Cleveland bullpen, and asks whether management should have seen this coming.

The Astros and Phillies both win extra-inning affairs, keeping their playoff hopes alive.

More D.C. stadium news and some teams change minor league affiliates

Is Coco one of baseball’s best closers? Jeff takes a look.

The American League’s postseason participants are set, but the National League West, Central and Wildcard slots are still in play.