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Jeff ignores writerly advice and writes about what he doesn’t know.

John Walsh tells us which batters would benefit most from a move to Fenway Park.

I say goodbye for two weeks

Jose Reyes and Hanley Ramirez lead this list of 15 great young shortstops in the major and minor leagues.

The late ’70s prove to be a period of remarkable stability in the usage patterns of minor league aces.

Spring brings nagging injuries, a $2.35 million baseball card and the first games of the 2007 campaign.

Will Daisuke Matsuzaka continue to show the durability he has exhibited during his early career? Let’s check out the video and come up with some answers….

How to take one factoid about strikeouts and end up with an entire article.

Sal takes a look at one-year contracts with team options and finds that maybe – just maybe – teams know what they’re doing.

The week is off to a hectic start so it’s a quick edition of the links