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When is it safe to root for a no-hitter?

The A’s have some things going for them.

Mark Cuban, an open-minded high school football coach, and the future of baseball analytics.

Sal tells about his new favorite player this year.

Sal reports back from the conference, where top officials from across US pro sports shared insights on everything from statistical analysis to the fan experience.

OK, not really. That would be Evan Longoria. But Brad Ziegler has been pretty darn good for a guy who was in the Northern League just a few years ago.

Sal has some fun with in-season projections. You can join in, since Sal’s spreadsheets are now available!

At the midseason mark, Sal checks out the under- and over-performing teams

Casey Kotchman, Andruw Jones and others are off to hot and cold starts, but will they last?

Sal explains the hierarchical structure of sabermetric research.