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Previous articles showed platoon leveraging was a key component to pitcher leveraging. This article, examining SP platoon leveraging head-on, uncovers some interesting information that offers a modest revision to a point Bill James made in his Historical Abstract.

Sal tries not to get too excited (or depressed) about the first month of baseball.

There is another sport that uses a small white ball and some lumber. It’s cricket.

On April 23, 2007 Richard watched the New York Mets host the Colorado Rockies. As this game shows us, baseball history is all around, even when the action is live in front of you.

It’s a jungle out there, but Jeff and Kent boil it all down to one number worth watching.

With the help of the masochistic Eric Chalek (he’s a regular reader—what more proof is needed?) we’ll take a look at four more potential Hall of Fame clunkers (plus a surprise!—No Dave I’m not quitting; nice try though).

David takes a look at a popular statistic.

Guest writer Fabian McNally gives us a Yankees fan’s preview ahead of Philip Hughes’ major league debut.

The Hall of Famers tomorrow … today!