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The Hall of Fame should let a former king of the Expos start his Raine(s)

Investigating the personal strike zones of major league umpires.

Turns out this is historically the most poorly played game in the Fall Classic. However, there’s still plenty of excitement in these games with all their sloppy glory.

The latest version of our flagship book is just about ready to ship.

John tries to pin down the elusive knuckler using Pitch f/x data.

Derek Carty looks at the Angels shortstop situation and examines the three candidates for the job: Erick Aybar, Brandon Wood, and Maicer Izturis.

Steve’s review of November deals arrives at the present day, and includes several likely Hall of Famers, including two Pedro appearances.

Answering a question posed about these three rookies

… and he did it after the World Series ended.