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An index of all players covered in the NL Waiver Wire column

A first look at development patterns for college hitters

Evaluating minor league shortstop defense.

Jim Bibby, Slick Surratt and a minor league team are gone.

Getting Wire’d this week are Nick Markakis, Asdrubal Cabrera, and Kevin Youkilis.

Outfielders and pitchers from Florida and Cincinnati take center stage this week, along with a host of Johns, as we look at Marlins Cameron Maybin and Chris Volstad, Reds Jonny Gomes and Johnny Cueto, and the Mets’ John Maine.

A macro look at whether pitching and defense win championships.

On Feb. 24, 1926, Eddie Plank died in Gettysburg, Pa. Gettysburg Eddie, nicknamed for the town where he was born, educated and died, won 326 games and two World Series during his 17-year career. Richard looks back at the A’s lefty.

TUCK! toons every Thursday

It’s time to pinpoint the fantasy rookies and sleepers to watch.