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We have some fun new toys for you just in time for the weekend.

The first woman to play in the majors doesn’t need to be a superstar.

Should the eephus pitch be thrown more frequently?

The tide of the game starts to turn and an adolescent Zack is pulled away from baseball and toward other interests.

In part three, we lay out the net value for 2014 draft picks and ruminate on this from both the team and player perspective.

In part two of three, we examine the value each draft pick provides relative to its cost.

In the first part of a three-part series, previous studies to quantify draft pick valuation are updated.

It’s pretty hard to record 27 outs without allowing a hit but not strike anyone out, but it has been done before.

As we see with the case of Danny Salazar, not necessarily.

Some teams are in desperate need of a new nickname, while others could just stand to have a little more fun.