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The first of two posts that attempt to bring together all of the available information on the Tommy John surgery.

A close look at how much, exactly, lowering the mound changed offensive output in 1969.

It’s a grasshopper with a bad back trying to jump out of a paper bag. It’s … unsettling.

The Mexican League has a lot of tricks up its sleeve.

Using tools, we can see who really did make the best throws.

Zack struggles with how to handle the controversy that swirled around the team during the season.

Creating a tool to show when or if a player should be shifted.

Introducing Weighted Batted Ball Runs Above Average.

If he’s preaching to kids, he has exactly the wrong message.

You have to wonder how a guy can stand upright in a batter’s box while another guy standing just 60 feet and six inches away fires a series of missiles so close to him.