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The strike zone has morphed in a way that is less equitable to certain hitters.

One more entry to Fenway Park’s already substantial catalog of quirks.

The Internet of Things is a tidal wave that is starting to hit baseball’s shores.

Now that we have more information, is it time to update our values?

Yes, it’s still early. But those wins and losses in spring usually are a harbinger of what’s to come.

There were winners among even the cheapest teams in the last decade.

An unfortunate accident took reliever Danny Frisella from the world too soon.

In his new book, Big Data Baseball, Travis Sawchick not only recounts the events and people who shaped the 2013 Pirates, but also pens a love letter to sabermetrics.

It’s harder to pinch-hit than to hit in the lineup. But does practice make a hitter better at it?

A big man with a big name playing in a small arena.