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Dan delves into the depths of OPS as a tribute to his biggest fan.

Dan goes back to the field to look at the merits of the sacrifice in 2005.

Dan digs into the probability of a successful sacrifice.

Dan takes a second look at the walk rates of Caribbean players with a little nudging from the community at large.

Graphs, more graphs and the anger of Felipe Alou

Dan provides additional support using the log5 method to predict the results of batter/pitcher matchups.

Dan previews the base running numbers included in this year’s annual while shamelessly plugging the book.

What binomial distributions, p-values and the log5 method have to do with 5-by-7 index cards.

Dan takes a look at the book Mind Game by the writers of Baseball Prospectus.

Doug Eddings, Ozzie Guillen, and the canonical story of “but for this.”