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John digs into play-by-play data to unearth the best (and worst) outfield arms of 2007. As usual, there are some surprises.

Analysis of the four workhorses of the pitcher’s arsenal: fastball, slider, change-up and curveball.

John tries to pin down the elusive knuckler using Pitch f/x data.

Left-handed batters on average hit for higher averages than right handers. The reasons for that may surprise you.

An investigation of Pedro Martinez in 2007.

Everything you need to know about identifying pitches using pitch-f/x data.

Is it better to swing at a strike than a ball? Yes. How much better? A lot.

John investigates the accuracy of umpires’ eyes. He employs a million-dollar pitch-tracking system instead of an eye-chart.

Did you know that right-handed batters have to defend a bigger strike zone than lefties?

Another use for detailed pitch data: investigating the ailing shoulder of Curt Schilling.