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What ever happened to the stolen base? Aaron takes a look in part one of a two-part series.

Ben and Larry discuss the seesawing nature of this season’s race between the Red Sox and Yankees, and why it’s probably not a good idea for fans of either team to get too high or too low just yet.

Bryan takes a look at a week’s worth of transactions, including one man’s quest to join the 500 club.

Aaron takes a look at the ongoing struggles of his favorite starting pitcher and examines whether or not the Twins might actually have a new second baseman … finally.

We’re almost a third of the way through the season and the Red Sox, as expected, are having a fine year. In fact, there are so many players contributing to the team’s success, it’s hard to pick a team MVP. Dave looks to Win Shares for help.

Craig introduces his park-and-competition-adjusted NCAA hitting and pitching statistics, and identifies the top 100 performers in each for 2004.

It’s May 28 and Derek Jeter is hitting .211. Can he still make a run at .300 or is this already a lost season?

JC examines the relationship between the size of a team’s market and its ability to win games.

Matthew combed the minor leagues and found five diamonds in the rough.

Bryan examines the flaws of the major league draft and gives a few ideas for improving it.