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The Indians needed to flex their muscles this weekend. They did not.

The Tribe is slumping, the Twins are surging, and the Tigers are on top

Surprise! They’re playing the games on the field again, not on paper and prognostications.

Scoring is down this season, and I’m looking at you, Derek Jeter.

With Tim Lincecum adding a vastly improved slider to his arsenal last September, he now has a menacing pitch for both right-handed and left-handed hitters.

Trevor Cahill may not be Oakland’s best starter, but he’s good. He and three other strong arms could be 2011’s difference makers.

They say pitching wins championships. That might be much truer than previously believed.

The American League is still the better league, but the NL is pushing to close the gap with its stable of aces.

Aaron Hill was unlucky last year, there’s no doubt about it. But was it just luck that derailed him?

Well, he has a better chance than the Cavs.