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There’s a better way to increase competition.

More sophisticated contracts call for more sophisticated analysis.

Facing labor negotiations, MLB and the players’ union need to figure out an approach to allocating new revenue.

Both baseball and macroeconomics have their own Very Serious People.

The Phillies would have been better had they adopted sabermetrics earlier on, but that’s not why they’re struggling now.

Measured by production, not all major leaguers are paid the same. How much is race a factor — and why?

In the second part of this study on race in baseball, we look at the effect of kids being able to watch African-American baseball stars.

More data show that the decline in African-American major leaguers is a function of income and weather.

Baseball players have received a dwindling share of revenue. Will that change in the near future?

Analyzing the cost per WAR from several different perspectives, including incorporating draft pick compensation.